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Stamp: The Bible by Riza-Izumi
by Riza-Izumi

Due to the cliche aspect of atheism nowdays I can't give it anything more than 1 star on vision and originality. I gave it a 2 on techn...

Sceptile by Men-dont-scream

Vision: It's got a very bright traditionally colored background. The colors on the Sceptile family is really well done as well. They st...

Sora no Otoshimono by the-Rov
by the-Rov

The colors are very well done. I am not sure if you colored a colorless page of the manga or drew the whole thing yourself but it is gr...

let me play a song for you by RelentlessArt

Looks nice. You did well on the colors. I think the Mohawk might be a little off with the way his head is. It sorta looks like half his...



Enjoy being triggered SJW's.
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United States

"Fifty years ago we'd have you upside-down with a fucking fork up your ass!"-Michael Richards during his downfall at the Laugh Factory.

The birth of the walking pair of nasty ass testicles.

Alt Name: KaiserTrigger

The man known as KaiserTrigger was born one day when a vat of nuclear semen had landed on and covered a dead baby. When it touched it's skin it formed him into a boy who would grow into a man who wouldn't take shit from anyone. Specially not weebs who go around making women out to be superior to men on gender alone.

During his early years he was a ruffian. Many a night were spent crying from his daily beatings by the church nuns of the holy church of Bombastica for being the biggest ruffian since Satan. Of course, as he grew older, he changed from a ruffian and into a gentleman who would hold the door open for anyone. Still, he did not partake in the privileging of weebs. That was the greatest cardinal sin aside from rape and murder taught to him by the church of Bombastica.

Well within the early years of the internet, he foresaw the coming of the many weebs and mangina's that would eventually accompany the waves of radical feminism that has existed since the conception of sliced bread. He set out on a journey to shit on ALL the people who dared to spew weebish dialogue such as "Bitch! I'm sugoi!" or "My waifu's coming to life!" and to shit on anyone daring to tell him he can't say hi to womyns without it being harrasement.

So check your asses you little shits.

Not that he has an issue with fapping to animu girls. He just faps to almost anything. Everyone is entitled to be fapped to by him. Unless you're a dood who's a major weeb and a SJW.

Social Justice Warriors by WaywardSoothsayer I Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPON Anti-social Justice Warrior by inconceivablenotions Social Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron by Craptrap
Social Justice Warriors by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me :thumb521585430: :thumb506686496: :thumb487741503:
:thumb506425550: Die Special Snowflake Scum by kumanoyume BUT TUMBLR TOLD ME IT DOESN'T!!!!!111 by kumanoyume :thumb494391293:
Leave The Snowflakes Alone by kumanoyume :thumb497431257:Not Your Cautionary Tale by DontNeedFeminism
The Path 2 Faggotry 4 Me

I'm the absolute biggest prick on Deviantart and you better remember it. And what I do is shit all over U & UR faggot bro's and hoes. Let's get started.

Obligatory unrelated opening video for the lulz...

Part 1:The Beginning Of A Fag

    The world isn't nice. Neither am I. The world decided to give birth to the man who plans to be ED incarnate. When I was born I knew I was meant to be something disgusting. Righteous. But disgusting.

   There's only one true being of purity in this world. The one true way to live life is a dark one. Dark, because only PC faggots will hate you for it. And if you're a real emo faggot like me, then you'll live for that darkness. The cold lonesome faggotry that is known as "anal acceptance".

   I was born with anal acceptance. I was born as a being with the capacity to know how to take a joke. Taking a joke like a giant smegma covered dildo up the ass. This is why I'm so much better than you filthy weeaboo's and filthy PC nigga's. Because I can take a joke. I can take a joke like a real Asian faggot. Because I really am half Asian. Serious moment. I'm half chink. Big Daddy Fag is from Hong Kong.

   But back on track... I was born. The world cried from my pressence. Both crying from pain, sorrow, anger, joy, and peace at the same time. Because it knew. I was destined to help fight the PC. The same PC crowd that brings drama where there never was any.

So much drama that you can all have a reality TV show and watch it go to shit after everyone stops watching to make there own drama. Then they all tank because only #obama  is watching. They're too busy making their own shit.

Ur Waifu-2015

Part 2: Learning The Basics Of FagShit

  My early years were not that full of gleeful anal plunging's of masterful assholian ungodly status on the internet. I was like any other wee toddler evading a predator who was evading Chris Hansen.

  My early years were spent in the early years of school. Public school. The same thing that poisons young minds and changes them into a #foreveralone virgin beta white knights. or manipulative lesbian dykes.

  I spent much time being brainwashed into thinking that feelings mattered more than logic. Being brainwashed into thinking that just because my motorcycle jacket made my friends think better of me, that I should grow up into a biker and become another statistic. It was really stupid, full of faggots who probably secretly wanted to get fucked by me because I wore that leather shit, and full of teachers who treated me and everyone else like special snowflakes. It was the 90's after all. Thankfully I was raised by the few assholes in my class who didn't care about dem feels.

My meme face from years ago.


Part 3: Middle School and muh feewing's r hurt!

  And thus, after primary school, came middle school. Aka, "Home Of The Kids From Single Welfare Mothers Married To The Government". It was the first years of when I started to come into true faggotry. And by true faggotry I mean "PC FAGGOTRY".

  I spent time trying to keep the teachings of my asshole mentors. But all the while I was slowly being eaten away by the influential snowflakey sit that the teachers tried to drill into me. When I refused to be special and just be an asshole, they sent me to special ed classes.

:iconhurpplz::iconsaysplz: No. Not the kind for the genuinely hurpy.

:iconderpplz::iconsaysplz: He went to the kind that was for the hardcore wigga's that ended up only being filled with suburban black rejects who got kicked out of the hood for being too white.

  Thankfully, it wasn't so bad. I got to be treated by the older assholes who told the dirtiest of jokes, the most politically incorrect humor an asshole in middle school could tell, and so forth. It was a blessing in disguise.

  Soon I was hanging with the assholes. But before then, I had my fair share of fake feel's being crushed by retards who thought it was funny to do so. And it was. I would get pissed that people were telling me I was a freak for not masturbating my problems away. I was told that my ancestors were rice eating retards. And thanks to my asshole brothers, they were fucking hilarious, and I'll chop your dragon ballz off if you dare to not use those dirty jokes around me.

We've all felt it before... That triggering feeling... That feeling that screams "UR ARGUMENT IS INVALID BECAUSE I FEEL OFFENDED!" But not all of us grow a sack or an ovary enough to get over it and realize that we deserved it.


Part 4: Fucking High School

  I was never really the kind of person who got my dick wet in high school. I got my larynx scarred from LMAO too much from all the jokes I shat out. This is where I met most of the most hilarious people I knew in my life aside from a few people today. That is all. It wasn't much different from middle school. Fake nigga's from the suburbs, wigga's with a hard on for the thug life and getting too fat from eating pussy and forgetting to fuck it, and amateur assholes who think that by dumping some kids head in a toilet that they're funny but fail to take verbal jokes as well as they give a swirliy. The teachers just happen to stop treating us so special. Good.

On a side note, most high school kids I knew in high school were weeaboo's. And they probably grew up to be SJW retards as well.

"Stop fapping to me u sick little fags and get a life! I'm only 13!" Says the young Akaza Akari from Yuru Yuri. But due to our teams diligent stal... I mean work over here at Animu Insider, we managed to discover the young middle school freshman knee deep in a 30 year old weeaboo's cock.

-Animu Insider On The Weeaboo Epidemic 2015

Part 5: Faggotry Today And Closing Statements

And here we are today. At the age of 25, still going, still pissing and shitting out jokes that would kill the heart strings of a god forsaken PC nutcase, and proud of it.

Now people will tell you that I'm a misogynist. And they'd be right. Because misogyny today isn't what misogyny was yesterday. It used to be that it was a fear of women. Distrust. But because I want to fuck lots of girls, want my dick sucked, want to lick a pussy that's not filled with STD's that I don't want to have, and want to slap their asses, then now because of SJW's that means I'm a misogynist. Because I'm an anime watcher, and I fap to all ur waifu's and happen to be the guy they want more so than U fag's, then I'm a misogynist.

Some people will tell you that I'm evil because I love to read certain NTR doujins. Because the art is great and looks hot. And yet they're probably PC babies who think they know what true love and decency require even though most of them lack the social skills to even know how to get a single date with them. They're probably fat, assburgers filled retards who speak like a Filipino who barely got past learning English. Let's face it. Just because you prefer Vanilla, doesn't mean you're of better character. It just means you're a brainwashed idiot who thinks everyone has someone just as good waiting for them somewhere. Bullshit. Romance is a rarity. Sex is common. Doujin's use sex. Barely any realistic romance.

And although I do regret not getting my dick wet from some of the girls that came onto me because I was playing too hard to get, I don't care. Now I know about fleshlights. And besides, they probably were whores. Probably had an STD of at least herpes. Or maybe not. Still. The fact that I can buy them in a small silicone package is nice.

And that's why I'm better than U. Because I'm, as 4Chan would call it, a faggot and honest about it. So stop pretending like you're the one exception from the 90% of faggots who's not a faggot. There is no 10%. You're all faggots until proven otherwise.

Now on a positive note, let's end this off with something to get u in the mood to loosen those panties, rip those boxers off, and bend over...

By: Your Faggot President Of The Douche Emporium

  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: Suck My Dick
  • Reading: Hentai
  • Watching: Hentai
  • Playing: Chou Aniki
  • Eating: Pen15
  • Drinking: Pussi

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wakaflockaflame1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist…

Have you heard, this guy wants rape legal, he sez if it is legal, people would stop doing it....

All I'm noticing is how in the comments, people are saying rape is "anti-women" as if women are the only ones who get raped right?
TheAmericanKaiser Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
He seems like an SJW sleeper agent meant to put more blame on men.

It's to be expected of SJW's when they know their sleeper agent is there.
wakaflockaflame1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh shit, I never thought of that. A sorta made up wicker man scapegoat type deal.

Fill this goat with "sins", send it to burn, and if men oppose their will, remind men all over that "they" tried to "legalize" rape. When it was only these paid fucks.

But I guess it doesn't matter to him, he gets mistresses dildo every night.
TheAmericanKaiser Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Anything to fill the lonely gap in his blackened heart and rusty ass brain.
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Some lil girl called me "creepy bastard" for calling her "lil Girl," .....AND THE ARGUMENT WAS ABOUT ABORTION....then she turned it into religion.....THEN insulted and threaten to report me if I reply...I'm gonna reply...and THEN report if this is the last time I'm talking to you., I thought I post this just so you know....
TheAmericanKaiser Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconcharaznableplz::iconsaysplz: May the glory of victory be yours.
wakaflockaflame1 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
DerpVincent Icon :iconsaysplz: She blocked me, so I guest I won.
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