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Stuff I like.

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Sceptile by Men-dont-scream

Vision: It's got a very bright traditionally colored background. The colors on the Sceptile family is really well done as well. They st...

Sora no Otoshimono by the-Rov
by the-Rov

The colors are very well done. I am not sure if you colored a colorless page of the manga or drew the whole thing yourself but it is gr...

let me play a song for you by RelentlessArt

Looks nice. You did well on the colors. I think the Mohawk might be a little off with the way his head is. It sorta looks like half his...

Asuka Cosplay by WackelP
by WackelP

I don't really know much to say as I never have cosplayed before. Unlike you I don't have the face for it since I have pimples and weir...



Why is it that people are so afraid of the Mary Sue or Gary Stu status that they try to do nothing but make their OC's so weak? Why not find a middle ground?

Rather than being weak, present him/her with the appropriate challenge, and the right amount of beginning sexual appeal. If it's a guy, don't have girls fall in his damn lap like a waterfall of pusi. If it's a girl, then don't make her so bitchy or dumb that no one can like her until she changes.

Mary Sues are bad in general and cliche. But so are people who do the exact opposite. Spend more time trying to find the right middle ground. Why not? It puzzles me how so many miss the middle ground.

A massive crossover with an OC? Captain Ginyu is considered middle tier of anime characters? Nice place to start then. Just start off with decent challenges rather than making him some invincible god already or making him weak as shit and some damsel in distress in male form.

A female OC who's surrounded by guys? Give most of em OC girlfriends and a give her like two male love interests who don't find her anything majorly compelling or downright horrible. But make her and them come to understand each other and like a few aspects like interests.
Anyone bored enough to assist me in some ideas for a fic? Anyone bored enough to help an ol codger lIke meself write some bleach for ya brain?

If you like writing outrageous stuff, then note me, cause I do too.
Just share some ideas for crossover pics.

I'm thinking of trying to draw a pic of Kid Goku doing his fist move that killed King Piccolo nut having One Punch Man's image behind him Throwing a punch.

If not I'll just wait till I feel like commissioning it unless someone is doing requests.

But it's fun nonetheless.
I'm just looking to meet some fellow Houstonian comrades in Anime, Manga, Video Games, and art who live in Houston TX near a certain area. About 4 or 5 people I'm hoping to meet.

I'm looking for people who either live near River Oaks Shopping Center, 2030 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019 or close enough to make it. I can make it there and meet at a Barnes and Nobles at a certain time (For those who don't consider AM morning unless it's bright out).

The meetup time can be decided either from here, or we can make a Skype Groupchat and discuss it there.

We can discuss also things like projects you might have and if you need a crew. Maybe you want someone with amazing imagination, super awesome drawing skillz, or a guy who can program. If people can make it, maybe you can find em. But mostly it's for meet up. Cuz life in Houston is dull when you can't find people with similar interests who look at you like an idiot pretending to know all about your interests when they only mention DBZ, Naruto Pokemon, and Digimon.
Gonna do some of these.

$0.50 for short one shot stories.

$1.00 for 2 full length chapters. Another dollar for another 2. Just give me a basic list of how things play out. A story board if you will.

$1.50 to do a comedic smutty pairing.

Examples of each that I have written or am writing.

One Shot:…

Long Story (Continuing):…. You can find the story on here as well.

If you want me to do comedic smut with canon characters, then you'll need to give me the gist of their personalities and behaviors. I'm not the holy bible of knowing fandoms.

I'll be working at my own pace though. So if you're one of those people with serious deadlines, then I can't guarantee that I'll make it in time.


Fuck ya face boi
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United States

I am the Super Zombie God Kaiser. I am the supreme Super God Emperor of all zombies. Whenever you find yourself cornered by flesh eaters... Blame me. Feel my zombie god wrath as babies flesh eaters rain from the sky and pelt you to death with their feces.

The world is mine!

My OC is called Kai. He's a Saiyan (From Dragon Ball Z). Usually. In my recent fic he's a cop. Read it. I command it.

Favourite genre of music: Anime and video games ost (original soundtrack), Classical

Favourite style of art: Art

Shell of choice: A protective barrier of darkness aura

Skin of choice: Any Skin I Choose.

Favourite Characters: Batman, Goku, Nyaruko (She makes me laugh), Vegeta,
Kratos, Spawn, Bender, Stewie, and Brian (You will be missed my fellow comrade), Piccolo, Future Trunks, Superman, and my character Kai (You should always have a soft spot for your OC's)

Personal Quote: "My Majin penis cannon will kill all who oppose me!!!"

Listening to: Weird Al Yankovic: Dare To Be Stupid & Hirobobu Kageyama: Ore Ga Yaranakya Dare Ga Yaru!


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