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Stamp: The Bible by Riza-Izumi
by Riza-Izumi

Due to the cliche aspect of atheism nowdays I can't give it anything more than 1 star on vision and originality. I gave it a 2 on techn...

Sceptile by Men-dont-scream

Vision: It's got a very bright traditionally colored background. The colors on the Sceptile family is really well done as well. They st...

Sora no Otoshimono by the-Rov
by the-Rov

The colors are very well done. I am not sure if you colored a colorless page of the manga or drew the whole thing yourself but it is gr...

let me play a song for you by RelentlessArt

Looks nice. You did well on the colors. I think the Mohawk might be a little off with the way his head is. It sorta looks like half his...



Enjoy being triggered SJW's.
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United States

"Fifty years ago we'd have you upside-down with a fucking fork up your ass!"-Michael Richards during his downfall at the Laugh Factory.

The birth of the walking pair of nasty ass testicles.

Alt Name: KaiserTrigger

The man known as KaiserTrigger was born one day when a vat of nuclear semen had landed on and covered a dead baby. When it touched it's skin it formed him into a boy who would grow into a man who wouldn't take shit from anyone. Specially not weebs who go around making women out to be superior to men on gender alone.

During his early years he was a ruffian. Many a night were spent crying from his daily beatings by the church nuns of the holy church of Bombastica for being the biggest ruffian since Satan. Of course, as he grew older, he changed from a ruffian and into a gentleman who would hold the door open for anyone. Still, he did not partake in the privileging of weebs. That was the greatest cardinal sin aside from rape and murder taught to him by the church of Bombastica.

Well within the early years of the internet, he foresaw the coming of the many weebs and mangina's that would eventually accompany the waves of radical feminism that has existed since the conception of sliced bread. He set out on a journey to shit on ALL the people who dared to spew weebish dialogue such as "Bitch! I'm sugoi!" or "My waifu's coming to life!" and to shit on anyone daring to tell him he can't say hi to womyns without it being harrasement.

So check your asses you little shits.

Not that he has an issue with fapping to animu girls. He just faps to almost anything. Everyone is entitled to be fapped to by him. Unless you're a dood who's a major weeb and a SJW.

Social Justice Warriors by WaywardSoothsayer I Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPON Anti-social Justice Warrior by inconceivablenotions Social Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron by Craptrap
Social Justice Warriors by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me :thumb521585430: :thumb506686496: :thumb487741503:
:thumb506425550: Die Special Snowflake Scum by kumanoyume BUT TUMBLR TOLD ME IT DOESN'T!!!!!111 by kumanoyume :thumb494391293:
Leave The Snowflakes Alone by kumanoyume :thumb497431257:Not Your Cautionary Tale by DontNeedFeminism
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Social Justice Weebs & Why they exist.
An educational post by: TheAmericanKaiser

This is a post I made on Facebook for the lulz, and to make a statement on how the anime community and it's many weeaboo's and social justice warriors are almost exactly one and the same if not exactly. It will also be more entertaining than it was on Facebook. It's also subject to edits in case of serious typo's and such.

Warning: There are no such things as triggers. Just things that piss you off. You might find that here. But offense is what creates constructive thought.

1: You must have been a child of a single mother. She probably was either dumped genuinely because the husband or lover was a douche, or the more likely for American weebs and UK weebs, they were dumped for being fucking retardedly privileged psycho's.

Single moms. They are the reason you can't touch yourself at night, even after moving out.

Dr. Phil-

2: After growing up enough to attend elementary school and to develop enough of an attention span to surpass the typical redneck hillbilly you get told, and you will, that you're special and unique despite you being as retarded and bald as the rest of your inbred family neighbors whom you all happen to be related to.

3: Once you've done that, you go to middle school and one day find yourself alone at night, watching late night Toonami. It used to be non weebish shit, but now it's SAO and shit. So you end up seeing Kirito-Kun (Aka emo poon hunter who you'll never be) and realize you're looking at the 14 year old's wet dream. You proceed to relate because both of you are about as "edgy" as a cheap plastic saw with more emotional idiocies than an abused ape.

Welcome to Neptunia. The game where all the edgiest shitlords talk shit about males and talk about their "angelic" waifus. Who also appear to be edgy scum. May god save your soul.

The Angry Video Game Nerd 2021-

4: You begin to grow more and more into your adulthood, Expecting to hear more of how special you are. But it only gets less and less as you hit high school with only the special ed teachers telling you that. Because that's all they know to say to people who actually are more special and unique than you. So they just roll with it.

Enjoy looking at the people who actually are special. Can you count to potato and still develop a multimillionaire dollar brand of software on your own? I didn't think so

God: A Real Nigga-

5: As you continue throughout high school, all the while watching more and more shit that should never be seen by anyone other than you and your weeb friends, you get so set in your mind that you're special and more important than anyone. You decide to hit up the internet, somehow find yourself on Tumblr, and then you get into the cesspool of the internet and it's idiocy.

You're gonna need soap after this video raids your special asses. Orange flavored motherfuckah.

Captain Falcon: Beyond Scared Straight-

6: Spend time on Tumblr as they reinforce your special snowflake status. The more time you spend there, the more special you think you are to the point that you think you deserve a harem for being a "nice guy", and that you should be allowed to have it be illegal to not be considered by everyone to be a special golden and black unicorn with cat ears, tentacles, and a super kawaii desu voice.

Iya!!! Ikamusume-San, dame!!! Watashi no o shiri o reipu shinaide kudasai!!!

U In Ur Shower-

7: You begin to realize how lonely you're getting. As you spend more time on Tumblr you learn more about "Social Justice". It interests you because it provides a simple target for your frustations to blame on, such as the "cisgendered hetero white male patriarchy and any cisgendered hetero males". It also supports general idiocy of special snowflakes. But most of all, you see images of the herald white knights of the SJW brigade. They make you think that they really look like this just because they use "social justice"...


Micheal Cera/Scott Pilgrim-

When in truth they really look like either one of the following images...

In response to our question on why he needed so many Nintendo controllers, Fartric Farterson responded with...

Because Nintendoes what men don't.

The NYT on Jesse Heiman: A True Nerd Story-

Anyone think that this guy's armor actually looks pretty good? Well aside from that nasty ass cock shaped hole of a mouth...

Dave Chappelle-

8: While you still eat pocky like you're a diabetic, and you mostly are, and the pocky is your insulin, you start thinking that by being a white knight, all the ladies will provide you with all the sexual fantasies you want and all the words of "Daisuki desu, anon-san" or "Aishiteru yo, watashi no shiro kishi-sama".

9: Thus, you begin on a quest to memorize the "social justice" mandates of the trio of evil Feminism. Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and Chanty Binx. The three major evils of the Feminist Rhetoric that all Feminist schools follow (Minus the rouge ones known as Freedom Feminism and choice Feminism which would amount to something in your life)...

Patriarchy: This is sometimes believed to be a separate group, but also an umbrella term for the evils in general. Basically anything male that lives a free life.

What is she doing with that haircut and hat? Does she think she's a transnigger?

Mecha Michael Jackson-

Cis White Males: Any male who's assumed ignorantly to be privileged by them.

I think I saw this guy. I saw him get mauled by a bunch of homeless fat Burger King bitches who know what a fetus looks like, all while I was digging through some trash in Osaka. #FuckKonami

Hideo Kojima-

Cis hetero white males: Hetero males of white skin color.

Much retarded. Very Meme. Fuck.


10: You bring yourself into social knighthood as you go to popular sites like Reddit's "Mens Rights Section" and proceed to talk about how men have no rights that they do not already have. They will proceed to tell you you're wrong, thus ruining your snowflakey mood. After a few months to a year at most, you then start to try to change the formula of your speech by saying "Men are all pigs..." but then state a contradiction to your own beliefs "But not all men are bad". This will go through similar changes, but once you've gotten this far, you're too late to be a better person.

Contradictions are the core foundations of any and all modern day Feminism and their Social Justice Weebish followers. Except for Freedom Feminism and Choice Feminism. But those are what the old days were about. Supposedly.

Charles Manson-

11: This stage is optional and has much to do with your weeb status.
Stage 11 is where you decide your niche weeb fetish based on your past fuck ups on being able to deal with your own failures and better yourself. You either...

Watch nothing but ecchi, harems, a combo of the two, or anything that has what the modern times would consider fuckable waifu material. You come to fag over Sword Art Online more and start to love things like High School DxD.

(Not that I have a problem with that since big tits are a nice thing and especially when on red heads. But you guys'll take it way too far into the whole 3DPD mode:…)

The kind of anime that makes one think... "Anyone who watches this on a daily basis has to be a ronery fag."

Hayao Miyazaki-

You watch nothing but Yuri, see how happy the mary sue females who're probably bisexual are when with girls (Cause that's the genre's point so even if they were bi, you'd never see them with a guy and happy because of fags like u), and you begin to think that the reason you haven't gotten laid with a future girlfriend/harem of girls is because you have a penis, when it's because you're fat and "gay". You begin to claim even more misandrist comments that Feminazi's claim like "Men are bad. Women are so much more able to naturally experience emotions because it's their nature" or "Fucking pigs! Men are killing purity with their penises!" (Even though purity lies in character and not the status of an intact vagina). You'll also have Yuri goggles on and they'll be on full max to the point you'll forever ruin all chances of being with a girl. Or even a guy. You'll also tend to use the term 3DPD and call any and all male characters as generic even if they're actually the most interesting thing since drunken hobo Jesus performing magical Wing Chun with angel Bruce Lee. And you'll call any and all Yuri as well written or superior writing when compared to anything centered on males. If someone calls you out, then you'll lie and say...

"I just don't like the generic and old haremshit, yaoishit, ecchishit, and/or haremecchishit since it's so generic and over done" (Despite yuri actually being more popular than Yaoi by statistics and that you're as unintelligent and uncultured as a fucking hobo with a sloth for a brain and the writing capability of a fucking 14 year old school boy who's super edgy.) Keep in mind that if you take this route, you're the most despicable fucking execution worthy scum of gods rejects who became the devils rejects and even got rejected by the real devils rejects.
You might find yourself watching nothing but Yaoi (Very rarely since female weebs would typically be on the Feminist label of Tumblr idiocy), and you find yourself becoming a homosexual. Not that it's a bad thing that you become one. But you're becoming one for all the wrong reasons bruh. You'll proceed to make erotic fanfiction of famous male internet celebrities doing homosexual things even if they're not homosexual. So basically Yaoi goggles on full max.

They see the avove image and think it suddenly translates to a fucking masters work of intellectual propery that can only be done by masterminds from the Illuminati. And anything that has males automatically detracts like 50% of the "masterpieces" quality.

Hideaki Anno-

12: You become so obssessed in your desire to be special and a snowflake that you decide to start calling yourself an atheist, if you didn't already in high school with you sitting in school and flipping a pen with a fedora, shitting out Richard Dawkins quotes, and start to make videos like this fucking neaderthal who's only interesting quality is how stupid he can be.

Steve Shives. The atheist who's an atheist because of skepticism but won't be skeptical of any woman crying rape, regardless of what a court will say, when the jury is run even by women. As long as it's man against woman, expect captain Betamerica to be there for said damsel.


13: Once this has gotten to the point of this, there is no return at all, even if Jesus tried to save you by showing himself in public to you, because you'd be so fucked in the head he'd think it'd be better to just let life run you over so he can see you screaming and crying to him for forgiveness in a church. This is the point where you start to find people like the Femitheist Divine who want things like international castration day and a 10% male populace world wide. You will believe that homosexuality is the nature of god and that hetero is the nature of the devil and that all hetero women are brainwashed cunts who need to be lesbianfied. You'll start to say shit like "All women are lesbians" when it's more likely for all humans to be bisexual in nature. You'll also actively try to kill any and all bisexuals even though you still claim to be a supporter for the LGBT. And you'll seek anti bisexual marriage rights. You'll also try even harder to strip men of all existing rights that they still manage to have in a Feminist ruled society of male oppression.

Yes David... This is real life. And this is my favorite show. Real cunts of America.

Clint Eastwood-

14: You will either do one of two things.

1) Kill yourself (Which I implore you not to as it'd be bad of us to ask you to do so when you're so far into shithood. And this is a blog for logic. No suicide's here please.)


By doing one of those two things you either prove that you're a miracle of miracles, or you're a fool who thinks death is going to be kind to you. So do please read this before it's too late. SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF HOW SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS START OFF AS WEEABOO'S AND HOW WEEBS NEED TO BE PURGED FROM THE INTERNET AND RE-TRAINED FOR GENUINE SHITFACED DECENCY!!!

Never Forget... A real man hits a woman. Batman knows the difference between just a woman and a lady... And a woman tends to overstep her limits.

Bill Burr: The Epidemic Of Gold Digging Whores-










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